Little Movements Challenge‌

This is the announcement of a new music project called ‘Little Movements Composition and Improvisation Challenge.’ The aim is to provide all musicians, composers and players, around the world, with an opportunity to be connected to each other and to have a stage for displaying their skills and art. Social media, specifically Instagram, have enabled many to voice their thoughts and display their art, skills and talents.
We strongly believe that more aesthetically profound music should also be available that might ultimately make some of the audiences interested in more serious works of art.

To take part in this challenge the artist is required to record one-minute composed or improvised pieces, which could be for either a solo instrument or an ensemble. It is also necessary that the hashtag #LMCIC be mentioned in the caption. Eventually, some of the videos will be selected and shared on the @LittleMovementsChallenge page with the artist’s consent.

Composer: shayan.habibi
Violoncello: zhabiz.zarbakhsh.official
Video: hosseinshoaiee

Shayan Habibi, pianist, composer and music teacher, took up the piano in early childhood and was trained by some prominent instructors such as Amir-Ali Hananeh, Morteza Delshab and Hoshyar Khayam. He continued his music education at University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, and obtained his MA in music composition, having been influenced by other eminent professors like, Amin Honarmand, Amir-Mahyar Tafreshipoor and Mohammad-Reza Tafazzoli, Hoomaan Asaadi, Shahin Farhat, Ali-Reza Mashayekhi. Looking at the artist’s music career, the performances of his compositions in Avini hall at University of Tehran , Alte Schmiede , Porgy & Bess, and Iran Music House as well as collaboration with The Austro-Iranian Symphony Orchestra (AISO) and Austro-Iranian Opera Ensemble , numerous piano recitals, participation in several international piano, conducting, and composition masterclasses, and eventually commencing the ‘LittleMovementsChallenge’ music project are among his noteworthy achievements

مدیر مجله.

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