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Bamdad Khoshghadami

بامداد خوش قدمی

Bamdad Xosh (born Bamdad Khoshghadami Hosseini; October 10, 1983) is an Iranian-Austrian composer and arranger of jazz music based in Vienna. He began his journey into the music world at the age of 13 with his first guitar lesson from his father. Five years later, Bamdad composed his first piece of music, which became a turning point for him as he discovered his passion for music. It is an incredible feeling to have an orchestra bring your ideas to life.

In 2013, Bamdad immigrated to Vienna, Austria, to expand his musical activities. In Vienna, he further developed his knowledge and compositional skills by learning from highly qualified and renowned composers. Jazz is not the only dimension of Bamdad’s musical world. As a teenager, he was also very enthusiastic about American Folk and Country music, especially the work of John Denver. This influence may be seen as a form of lyricism and pacifism in his music.

Bamdad’s passion for music led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Music Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Music, both with a focus on composition. He has been teaching composition as a main subject at the JAM Music Lab University Vienna for the past three years, initially as a university assistant and later as a habilitated university lecturer since December 2022. In addition, he has gained experience in Elementary Music Education by offering weekly classes to a children’s group in Vienna.

مدیر مجله.

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