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Parham Izadyar

Parham Izadyar (karaj.1993)  He started music at the age of 16 by playing Piano. in 2012 entered Art University of Tehran. He continued studying piano with Arpine Israelyan and he focused his work on contemporary composition with karen keyhani. since 2016 he continues his journey as a electronic composer under the guidance of Joachim Heintz. some of his activities are as following: sound designer at game studios, film, theaters and animations composition such as: “medea” – 2017 “The fish” – 2019 “retirement” – 2020. his two works “homeland” and “The window” have been known as selected pieces in “Reza Korourian Award” 2017-2018.  in 2019 he and Sepideh Yaftian get the third place in RKC with a piece named “Insects fall in love too”. also in 2019 his piece “blindspot” was performed by the contemporary ensemble of Tehran university in rodaki hall for Tehran contemporary music festival. also “false memories” published by “noise.a.noise” Record Label in 2020.

مدیر مجله.

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