Noise à Noise 21.1

Noise à Noise 21.1 (Compilation Album)

Noise à Noise Records (Experimental/ Noise)
Pre-Order, Bandcamp release date: March 25th, 2021.

Official release date: March 29th, 2021.

Happy Norooz!

Tehran-based label Noise à Noise is celebrating the new solar year 1400 S.H with the release of Noise A Noise 21.1 –  a  compilation of works from all female composers. The album includes pieces by Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi, Nilufar Habibian, Anahita Abbasi, Mehrnaz Khorrami, Deniz Tafaghodi, Nesa Azadikhah, and Leonie Roessler with Akane Takada. With varying backgrounds and styles, ranging from the classically trained contemporary composer to the deep house techno producer, all tracks deal with the concept of noise in music. While the composers worked independently to create their pieces, the listeners experience a sense of coherence as  they move from one work to another, from industrial soundscapes to a solo violin piece, a minimalist computer-generated composition, to the booming sounds of an underground drain accompanied by a grand piano played with percussion mallets, and last but not least the traditional sounds of the ‘Tonbak’ and ‘Tar’ with an electronic twist just as the sound of ‘Qanun’ in the second piece. The compilation will appear on Bandcamp on the Spring Equinox -as a digital pre-order on March 21st, and will also be distributed through other major platforms like Spotify during the new years eve holidays.

The album is compiled by Soheil Soheili; Arman Moghadam coded the visual design, and Owrang from ‘Studio A’ did the post-production.

For more information about this release please check Enquiries for live bookings, performances, and further information can be sent to

مدیر مجله.

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