Elegy for the Tree” in the art program of the German SWR radio”

january 2021 The HilbertRaum Berlin exhibition, under the artistic direction of Ruth Wiensfied, saw a virtual exhibition of works by selected Iranian composers. The approach of this exhibition was to depict the effects of non-musical materials (such as poetry, painting, etc.) in the process of creating a musical work. In this regard, a part of the poems, discourse, painting designs and music created between two Iranian composers, Negin Zomordi and Sam Esfahani, was introduced as an “elegy for the tree” in the art program of the German SWR radio. It should be mentioned that the exhibition was postponed to 2022 in Berlin due to the dire conditions of Corona. Also, with the improvement of the conditions of Corona, the mentioned project will be displayed in the form of a performance art, inside or outside Iran.

مدیر مجله.

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