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Alireza Amirhajebi

Interdisciplinary artist
Studied (Audio, sonar design) IRCAM.Paris. 1995-99
Collaboration in mutual project between IRCAM and Cite de Paris for controlling audio Pollution. 1997
Collaboration in Joshua Fineberg and Stephan Mc Adams workshops at IRCAM and Institute de Psychologies (Rene Descartes University. Paris 5).1997
Solo Sound performance in FAO/UNISEFs project for Somalia childern.Paris.1998.

The First Conceptual Art exhibition.TCAM.2005
ZIGMA: A sound installation for crystals.2008
MERCURE: A sound installation for 7 flute traverse and speakers.2009
Optimum: sound project TCAM.2015
27:00 min sound project TCAM. 2016
Agora-House: Acoustic design for Touran Desert 2017
U-House: Acoustic design for Sustainable Cities. International Green Festival.2017
Indeterminacies: Lecture and Performances Johan Cage pieces.2018.
Sustainable Sounds: Introduce and Presentations of Iranian Modern Music Niavaran Cultural Center. 2018
Performance of John Cage. Christian Wolff… pieces with Dream House Ens. Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival.2019.
In C Terry Riley: Yarava project with Dream House Ens 2019.
Set the Sail for Sun. K.H.Stockhausen. Dream House Ens.Reza Kourorian Awards.2019.

مدیر مجله.

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