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Armin Amin Torabi

ابر چاپ از طریق ایمیل به اشتراک بگذارید

Armin Amin Torabi, a graduate student in music composing:

He studied the piano with masters such as Ramtin Skrochi, Clara Bokuchava, and Valentin Rokaminikov.He has benefited from the teaching of professors like Alireza and Nader Mashayekhi in composing sciences.

Contemporary music is the main trend and current of his composition and he owes most of his knowledge in this field to his own personal analysis and the study of the writings of composers in different periods of music history.

Armin Amin Torabi has successful experiences in the fields of electronic music, electro-acoustic and other sub-currents such as folklore and Maqami music, and he has also won the award in the fourth music institute composition competition for the rhapsodic piece (Kalateh) in 2016 ,a  piece written based on Khorasan Maqami music for wind and percussion orchestra.

In 2019, he started his collaboration with Canada UFM with an album called “Athelstan”, the focus of this center is on vocal music.

His works have been performed by various ensembles such as Zasta, A4, Noska, Parsik, Pars, Modern Ensemble of Tehran, UFM, etc.

Two times participating in Tehran Contemporary Music Festival as a composer. Hungary 2020 Online Festival and…

Teaching experience in Universities of Applied Sciences and Tehran Conservatory and Cage Conservatory.

He considers Ardavan Vosouqi as his best motivator and companion and points out that he has reminded the courage of independent composing to him.

مدیر مجله.

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